Scared? Excellent!

One of my favorite places in life is outside my comfort zone, the fine line where excitement meets fear.

When I feel my heart pumping and my breath changing, when my senses sharpen, my skin tingles, my stomach gets nervous and my impulse tells me to fight, flight or freeze, when I become very calm and stop talking, that is when I know that I am at the right place at the right time, doing exactly what I have to do. To focus, to breathe, to go through the mental tools I use, to visualize and to get into the zone where all my concentration and 360° awareness kicks in.

This is the moment where magic happens, where progress is possible and growth takes place, this is where you have to be to get to where you want to go.

I choose fear to be my friend and ally, because I can trust that no matter the circumstances, fear will always push my limits, always show me the direction and always make sure I keep expanding and save at the same time.

Being comfortable with discomfort and very aware about my skill set to make smart and not reckless decisions is by far better than trying to fight fear, to try to overwrite it or to ignore it.
Try it, find your courage and go for something that makes you a little nervous, that gets you excited and that you really want… be surprised and amazed by the result but be warned:
it can be addictive.