Transforming the way you think for
authentic & sustainable growth


Transforming the way you think for
authentic & sustainable growth

Happiness does not happen by luck, coincidence or magic. It is real and it is achievable. Change your mindset and be happy!

Whether it is making a change, a decision or setting a goal, we all act with positive intention in our life, we all want to be happy.

I will help you find the right ingredients you need to pursue your own way of happiness.


Every Coaching is different and every aproach is unique. With your personal and individual goals in mind I will choose the best tools and techniques so we can achieve the most successful outcome.

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Neuroscience based

_______ Sustainable change starts with the way you think. My work is based on neuroscience and positive psychology facts on how change really happens. By doing so, we are using your brains super power to help you unlock your own knowledge to transform.


_______ In personal coaching sessions I ask powerful questions for you to set transformational goals and to successfully achieve solution and opportunity focused outcomes.
Planting seeds of happiness

Planting Seeds of happiness


Let’s start by getting a clear understanding of who you are through an evidence-based assessment and self-reflection, defining your focus areas and goals in alignment with your values.

Ready To Move Forward?

Schedule a call with me and see if Mindset Coaching is right for you. 

“Mindset isn’t about seeking a result, it’s about the process of getting to that result”

– Koby Bryant

What an incredible experience! Nadine helped me to overcome anxiety while surfing through breathwork.

Lisa Schreiber, Cascais | Portugal

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